policias argentinos culpan a las ratas de la desaparición de 540 kilos de marihuana

Argentine police claim rats ate 540 marijuana kilos

Eight Argentine policemen, in charge of guarding 6,000 kilos of marijuana, said that, after the loss of 540 kilos of cannabis, the rats could be behind the disappearance of more than half a ton of weed.
cocina con marihuana cedella marley

“Cooking with herb”, Bob Marley’s daughter cookbook

Cedella Marley, daughter of the well-known reggae singer and icon of the Rastafarian culture, Bob Marley, presents her new book, entitled "Cooking with herb", where she details 70 recipes with cannabis and some of the best anecdotes of her life with her parents.
Blimburn Seeds y el futuro de la industria del cannabisvideo

Blimburn Seeds and the future of the cannabis industry | Blimburn TV #168

Do not miss the new Blimburn TV program. We interview Sergio Martínez, from BBG Projects and Blimburn Seeds. In our meeting, he spoke about his cannabis seeds bank genetics, the future of the cannabis industry and the potential of Spain as a marijuana producer.
cerveza con cannabis blue moon

Cannabis-infused beer, Blue Moon’s new product

Do you like beer? Cannabis too? Then this news interests you: the company Blue Moon, the best-selling craft beer in the world, prepares the launch of cannabis-infused beer, a product that promises to revolutionize the market.
lubricante con cbd para mejorar las relaciones sexuales

CBD-infused lube will improve your sexual relations

Cannabidiol is the star product of cannabis derivatives. There are oils, creams ... and now also a CBD-infused lubricant to improve sexual relations. If you want to experiment, go for it and try one of the many products based on CBD that will help you boost your feelings.